:: with great power comes great responsibility comes tough decision

Do you find me sadistic?

I'd like to believe, even now, you're aware enough to know there isn't a trace of sadism in my actions.

You easily break under pressure and give up so early. Your role as a team player is very disappointing.

Your negligence towards the company property has caused us great loss. Worst, you're using it towards your own good.

You're abusing the company's policy of 'Work when you want to' when you're not working at all.

I've gone to great length to make sure we all have a flexible working hours, fair share of entertainment and leisure in the company. But you fail to see this as your unprofessional behaviour blur the fact that i really appreciate everybody in the company.

Thus, this is harder for me than it is to you but

you're fired!

Oxygen Studio is hiring

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Kill Bill


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